About Tip of the Writeberg

Tip of the Writeberg is a St. Louis, MO, based copy editing and writing company that was established informally in 2017 and incorporated in 2019. We’ve helped dozens of writers and students produce high-quality documents in a variety of writing situations (academic, business, sales, healthcare, etc.).

One of the challenges we noticed our writers consistently faced was not going deep enough with their research and writing process. We believe that writing isn’t just what we see above the surface—the part that’s on paper. What’s below the surface matters, too—how we got to the part that’s on paper. That’s how we decided on our company name, Tip of the Writeberg.

We believe strongly in not just editing for our clients, but also in helping them learn. To that end, we will develop this site as an online writing center. Our blog posts are intended to help learners of all levels develop their writing skills and get answers to common questions.
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