A thing of beauty

“A thing of beauty is a joy for ever.”

While the thing of beauty John Keats immortalized in Endymion was nature, this is the first message I chose to write in my new journal from Peter Pauper Press.
Do you like journals? Are you always looking for the perfect journal? I recently found some beautiful, well-made journals on Amazon. That’s my journal in the picture above (along with my favorite ink pen). It is a thing of beauty, indeed.

It’s hard to convey in words how exquisitely lovely this journal is. The raised embossing of the gilded rosettes makes the journal feel as luxurious as it looks. According to the seller, the design is reproduced from a “19th century gold-tooled binding of a volume of poems by Dante Gabriel Rosetti ….”

The page edges are gilded, too, and (as you can see peeking out the bottom in the picture) there is a gold satin ribbon bookmark. The pages are lightly lined and smooth so that the pen flows across them.

I loved this journal so much, I ordered a second one, Arabesque Journal:

The Arabesque Journal is a bit different because it features a fold over panel with a magnet. I love the gold and rust highlighting over the rich russet color. Peter Pauper Press notes that this one was “inspired by a 14th-century Eqyptian Qur’an from the Mamluk period.” It’s gorgeous.

Don’t care for either of these? Peter Pauper Press also provides many others:

And more. Yes, more!

I enjoy looking at the descriptions for the journals (when available), too. For example, the description from the Cosmology

The cover design of our magnificent journal is adapted from the celebrated Catalan Atlas (1375), attributed to master map-maker Abraham Cresques of Majorca, Spain.
The cover of this well-appointed journal reproduces the gold-tooled binding of a book owned by Antoine Leriche, secretary to King Louis XIV of France and noted collector of fine objects.

Many of these designs come in planners, too!

And if you read my Rocketbook review and are wondering if I have given that notebook up, the answer is no. I save my journals for…well, journaling. I use my Rocketbook for work. Read why here.

Leave a comment letting us know which one you think is the most beautiful. If you buy one, let us know which one you chose!

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